Thursday, August 05, 2010

Los Angeles, Uluru now connected by Virgin Blue

Visitors from Los Angeles travelling on V Australia to Sydney can now connect to Uluru's Ayers Rock Airport with Virgin Blue's new direct daily flights, a report said.
The flights make it effortless for US visitors to take a trip to the Red Centre, Tourism NT Chief Executive, Maree Tetlow said.
"Over the last three years the Northern Territory has attracted, on average, 32,000 holiday visitors from the US every year.
"We expect this number to increase considerably over time given the extra travel option now available to Australia's outback."

Rainbow Concierge Note:

Wish this option had been available when I first trekked to Ayers Rock, as it was known then. I loved the Outback (now known as Red Centre) - so much so that I extended my stay at the Ayers Rock hostel. Eventually, I made my way back to Denver, a trip taking more than 30 hours to travel about 10,000 miles.

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