Thursday, May 06, 2010

Be Hawaiian - Aloha LGBT

One of the exciting parts of tourism is discovering new places, making friends and connecting and reconnecting with people around the world.

This is why when I discovered Aloha LGBT it was wonderful to something old but something new.

Aloha LGBT offers you a unique opportunity to feel totally comfortable in a hidden Hawaii that no one else sees at any price.

  • Indigenous healers. 
  • Sacred spaces. 
  • Incredible psychic / spiritual power. 
  • You have never had Hawaii like this.

And today the following new site sister site was launched.

What does it mean to be Hawaiian?

Being Hawaiian is based in three ideas: aloha, ho'opono pono and huna. Aloha means love, ho'opono pono means to create the right path for self and others and huna means the hidden. And so the tenets of always being Hawaiian as you go through your life would be:

Live with love, kindess and generosity in your heart and have the compassion to do something for others not as fortunate.

Take complete responsibility for your actions and never pretend not to understand the true consequences of those actions for all people involved.

Always remember that for you, all of those around you, and the for the planet itself that there is much more going on than meets the eye and that it is always best to find the source.


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