Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dee-Touring wtih Dee

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Our concierge Dee Farrell gets around Australia and the South Pacific a fair bit. Email your questions about gay and lesbian downunder destinations to Rainbow Tourism Concierge and Dee will answer them on this blog.

  1. Where are the Loyalty Islands and are they a good place to unwind? I want to give tourist tricked-up towns a miss.
  1. The 3 isles collectively known as The Loyalty Islands are part of New Caledonia, a French Territory and closest foreign soil off Australia’s east coast.
New Caledonia is a gay-welcoming country that attracts French-accented and other foreign visitors who are interested in joi de vivre...foodies, adventure seekers, racecourse and casino gamblers, scuba divers, yachtsmen, hikers, golfers, and birdwatchers. Because tourism is a new industry, you can get out of town and away from the commercial zones, if that is your desire.

A short flight or ferry ride takes you to Ouvea, the most beautiful of the coral atolls, Mare, the most southerly, or Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands. You can do as much or as little as you like when on holiday here. New Caledonia is a World Heritage site, completely surround by the world's most beautiful and largest lagoon. On the Loyalties, the coral reef is right on the shore, so if swimming with turtles amid colourful coral is on your list, you'll be in paradise.

The Loyalty Islands are right on our doorstep - just 2.5 hours from Sydney or Auckland. So bon voyage!

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