Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sydney - San Francisco = Sister Cities Groove in the Park

"San Francisco Place" is the proposed name for a new "urban place" in Sydney's gayest neighborhood, Surry Hills. It will be located in the northeastsern corner of Harmony Park if City of Sydney Council approves.

Since 1968, Sydney and San Francisco have enjoyed a Sister City relationship. Both have been rated #1 destinations for gay travellers, each taking the title from the other in surveys over the years. They may have Castro to our Oxford, and they may have a Gay Freedom March each June, but we have the bigger and better Mardi Gras festival month!

Many San Franciscians will be seen in Sydney - as part of many inbound tours like Mardi Gras Spring Fling 2010 - so if you meet one or more, take them to the new meeting point (off Goulbourn and Campbell streets) named in their honour.

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