Tuesday, June 09, 2009

GLBT Travel Conference To Be Held In Buenos Aires

By Roy Heale
With only one month to go, the excitement is building towards the GNETWORK360, 2nd International Forum of Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs focused on the GLBT Market. This gathering will take place in Buenos Aires on July 15 and 16, 2009 at the Axel Hotel (Venezuela 649 San Telmo) and Chueca (Alsina 975). It is anticipated that more than three hundred attendees will join together to share information and learn about business opportunities within the GLBT niche market.
The forum producers---GMAPS360---are proud to organize “GNETWORK360” the second of these Forums. The event is targeting the 250 most outstanding companies that are currently dedicating part of their communications strategy to the GLBT community. By joining together once again, these businesses will work towards the common goal of promoting Buenos Aires as a gay-friendly destination. Conference attendees will also learn about the unique GLBT market from distinguished guest speakers, workshops, presentations and panel discussions.
In Argentina this conference affords an unprecedented opportunity to learn about one of the most lucrative and loyal global market segments. It will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking and connecting with other travel professionals and businesspeople from different travel-related genres.
Included below is the speakers list and the preliminary agenda options for attendees can be checked online at www.Gnetwork360.com
Juan P. Juliá, President, Axel Corp, Barcelona, Spain.
Matt Skallerud, President, Pink Banana Media, Los Angeles, US
Ian Johnson, Founder and CEO, OutNow Consulting, London, UK
Steve Roth, Principal, OutThink Partners, Los Angeles, US
Tom Nibbio, Global Ambassador, IGLTA, Chicago, US
Justin Nelson, Co-founder and President, NGLCC, Washington DC, US
Chance Mitchell, Co-founder and CEO, NGLCC, Washington DC, US
Pascal Lépine, Secretary General, IGLCC, Montreal, Canada
George Neary, Cultural Tourism Associate Vicepresident Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, Miami, US
Clovis Casemiro, LGBT Sales Manager, TAM Viagens, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Talmir Duarte, Vicepresident, ABRAT GLS, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
André Fischer, Director of Communications, ABRAT GLS, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Some of the conference topics include: Marketing via the Internet, Market Research, GLBT Market Trends, GLBT Tourism Development in Latin America, IGLTA's approach to different issues about the tourism industry, Gay and Lesbian Chambers of Commerce services (NGLCC and IGLCC).
Because of the global emphasis and importance of this Forum it is being sponsored by the City of Buenos Aires Tourism Board and the National Argentina Tourism Department. In recognition of the significance of this Forum it has been granted a Declaration of Economic and Tourism Interest by the Legislature of Buenos Aires. Once again this shows that our city is
positioned as one of the most gay friendly and accepting of the GLBT community.
The conference attendees we will be honored by the presence of Mr. Meyer Enrique (Minister for Argentina Tourism), Mr. Fabrice Tasendo (Digital Media Vice-president for Regent Media), Mr. Leonardo Botto Alvarez (Chairman for Argentina Tourism Promotion), Mr. Hernán Lombardi (Minister for Buenos Aires Culture), Ms. María José Lubertino (Chairwoman for INADI) and several other official government and general organization members.
Among the companies participating in the event and also helping to make Buenos Aires a place for all are: LAN AIRLINES - AXEL HOTELS – MANSION VITRAUX - FRIENDLY APARTMENTS - GIESSO – HERTZ - HOWARD JOHNSON - PROUD COSMETICS - TAM VIAGENS - UOMOBELLO plus more than 300 Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs.
We look forward to having you in our midst for this important event. As the organizers of this unprecedented event, we would be honored if you are able to join us in order to share your experiences and suggestions with the rest of the conference delegates.
Thank you on behalf of GMAPS360

For More Information Visit: www.GNETWORK360.com

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