Sunday, January 04, 2009

Most Searched Destinations - Vegas to Aruba

Where are you headed in 2009? Tahiti? Texas? Tasmania?

You are probably like many travelers who check out accommodation and activities first, on sites like Pink Choice and Trip Advisor. Hopefully, you also have this blog and bookmarked as well.

Try this. The top searches last month on Trip Advisor did not necessarily give you the heads up on gay-welcoming places like Pink Choice and Rainbow Tourism do. We have given you LGBT links to their most searched destinations. So if you're headed there or to your own top 10 escapes next year, check in with us first for one-stop bookings and insider tips. can help you locate the gay owned and gay welcoming hotels, cars, clubs and tours at these popular destinations. Just Ask the Rainbow Concierge Team if you're headed to any of these hotspots. (Rainbow Dee lives in New York City and has been to Costa Rica so has insider contacts. Rainbow Mark loves Vegas and has been to London recently.)

According to TripAdvisor, Las Vegas is the number 1 destination that travelers searched for this month (12/08). Some surprising destinations on the list include the Dominican Republic and Aruba.

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