Friday, November 28, 2008

Miami Beach runs up the rainbow flag

November 12, 2008:
As if South Beach weren’t already gay enough, the rainbow flag now flies over Miami Beach City Hall.

Mayor Matti Herrera Bower raised the flag on Monday, reversing a policy that had specifically forbidden the multi-colored banner. “I think that this is just another step to making a whole city, a city that really welcomes gays and lesbians,” she said.

Herrera said the gay flag will fly intermittently over government buildings, while businesses will likely keep it up year-round. The city commission hopes the largely symbolic gesture will be adopted by other jurisdictions in South Florida.

See the new South Florida section on Rainbow Tourism's portal if you want to head down to see the historic flag yourself. I recall Miami once had a gay mayor, about 25 years ago. He's probably smiling down on the city now. - Rainbow Dee

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