Sunday, November 02, 2008

Manila Pride March - 6 December 2008

If you are in Manila on December 6th why not check out the Pride March. This is a local event organised by the local gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in Manila.

The Philippines is an interesting country to visit with some of the most beautiful beaches e.g. Boracay Beach and many islands to explore and the people are generally helpful and friendly.

The Philippines is a very friendly country for English speaking tourists - you will have no difficulty communicating with the local population. While there is always reported risks in travelling in the Philippines if one follows some basic precautions then you should have an enjoyable and inexpensive holiday.

Manila metropolitan area itself is a very congested (and polluted - which is why the sunsets are so fantastic) with modern high rises and shopping complexes and areas of poorer housing and redevelopment.Link

Manila Pride Website: and Facebook

If you need any travel assistance then please contact the Rainbow Tourism Concierge

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