Saturday, October 25, 2008

Australia and New Zealand have never been cheaper

With the dramatic drop in the Australian and New Zealand dollar a trip down under hasn't been as cheap for a long time.

So how many dollars can you get for your trip downunder.

On current rates:

USD 1000 and you will have over NZD 1600 or AUD 1500

CAD 1000 and you will have over NZD 1300 or AUD  1200

EUR 1000 and you will have over NZD 2100 or AUD  1900

GBP 1000 and you will have over NZD 2700 or AUD  2400

And remember all the prices shown on the Rainbow Tourism site for Australia and New Zealand include all taxes and are displayed in AUD or NZD. 

Tips and gratuties are not expected in Australia and New Zealand and as a rule of thumb should only be given for excellent service. 

So this means when you see a price on Rainbow Tourism you don't need to add any local taxes (unless explicity stated) or add any service fee or gratuties to the price.

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