Monday, October 20, 2008

Adventure Travel for Lesbian & Gay Explorers Comes of Age ...

...with green tours and global destinations.

GOA (Great Outdoor Adventures from San Francisco) and Ms. Adventures (Colorado whitewater rafting trips) are two of the earliest adventure tour operators who pioneered that niche within IGTA - back in the 80s.

By the time the organization added the L word in the 90s, several more adventure tour operators sprung up on both sides of the equator.

Today, 25 years after our fledgling gay tourism industry began, a new wave of adventure trips are being created by fresh new gay and lesbian owned companies. Many of them paid their dues working for some of the leading adventure companies, and have now ventured out on their own.

One such success story is OUT Adventures, based in Canada. Intrepid Travel may not be a household word to you, but it is in Australia, New Zealand and now Canada. Intrepid Canada is run by the cofounder of OUT Adventures, and Intrepid NZ just announced its lesbian and gay tour division.

Intrepid Dee

On a personal note, these new affiliates make me want to revive my Ms. Adventures company and become a Tour Ambassador for these truly exciting eco trips!

--DownUnder Dee & Rainbow Tourism Concierge
(formerly Ms. Adventure)

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