Saturday, July 26, 2008

Asia and drugs

If you are travelling to Asia a recent blog on Brave New Traveler is worth a read:

5 Ways Travelers Can Avoid Being Caught With Drugs

What a lot of travellers don't realise is that the penalties for the possession of drugs in most Asian countries is extremely high for even minimal quantities and the death penalty exists in a lot of Asian countries for drug trafficking. Strict penalties also apply to most countries - though penalties aren't as severe - but countries such as New Zealand and Australian routinely screen all luggage due to strict quarantine restrictions so the odds of been caught are high.

The recent arrest of Peter Lloyd in Singapore highlights the predicament you could find yourself in for even using small amounts of drugs in countries such as Singapore.

If you are travelling with any medication - take quantities that you need for your trip and a copy of your pescription. If you are on HIV medication be aware of those countries that deny entry to HIV+ travellers including the USA. (Though this is hopefully going to change shortly). If you have any concerns about any medication check with the customs website for the countries you are visiting including countries you are travelling through.


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