Friday, June 06, 2008

There's a Tahiti for Everyone

...but if you're a North American and click on their Gay Tahiti page, you won't get answers to FAQs, descriptions of activities or the gay nightlife. It's still under construction. But you will find a little bit more on the Tourism Tahiti Australia Gay Tahiti site.

That aside, I'm told Tahiti Tourism is very interested in courting gay and lesbian travelers, and are putting together an introductory FAM trip for travel agents. Yours truly will be on it and get a first hand look to report back in this space and on

Legendary Tahiti...a place to relax and unwind. Only 8 hours from LAX and about the same from SYD, yet seemingly a world away.

The best known islands of Tahiti - Bora Bord and Moorea - are very gay welcoming. If you're looking for the perfect Tahiti for you and your mates, for traveling couples, or gay and lesbian family travel, call Mark at on SKYPE. He has all the scoop from the tourism bureau and can help you plan your trip.

If you want to know how far French Polyensia is from your country, take a look at this neat map. There's a great story and photos in this month's issue of Islands magazine. Made me drool and re-ignited my wanderlust. They say you should see the islands from under the water, from the land, on the sea and in the air. I'm packing now! --Rainbow Concierge Dee

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