Monday, June 30, 2008

Latin Destinations: Costa Rican Art Oasis

I just discovered an exclusive retreat for lovers of nature and art, operated by gay partners Carlos & Randy, in a private rainforest preserve in southern Costa Rica. No way could Steve & Bob (from Las Aguas Waterfall Jungle Lodge an hour away) believe what was behind the electronic gate after driving 6kms on some of the worst roads in this country! Part of the adventure is getting there, they say. Not to mention anticipation of an equisite work of art from the kitchen.

Monte Azul, the name of their 125-acre dream oasis, is where jungle meets luxury in arty, stylish cottages. Further into the property is a work-live studio for artisits and writers, including furniture makers with local timber.

The place is calling for birdwatching tours, too. They have identified 250 species on the property, which is no wonder given the gardens and streams that run through it. Gardeners should not miss the place either!

I can't say enough about all the ferry dust at Monte Azul. Carlos and Randy both have degrees in art, and have the requisite gay designer gene which is evident in the stylish comfort at their boutique hotel. They get my Rainbow Tourism Recommendation award this month. (Soft opening room rates are available through

Come visit Costa Rica and don't miss this stopover between the gay beach in Dominical and the city gay nightlife in San Jose. It will be the best time out you can take in an otherwise hectic vacation schedule.

PS Like the artwork in your room? Ship it home! They represent some wonderful artists and artisans.

Rainbow Concierge
Dee, traveling in Costa Rica


Queers United said...

costa rica seems amazing but i hear there are many illnesses one can pick up from the food

Deetouring Dee said...

I was concerned about my diet before coming here, but have found no problems with eating at established retaurants. I have eaten tropical fruits off the vine with no problems either. When travelling overseas I've found it be produce; this is especially wise if you have food allergies.
PS The coconut cookies looked great, but not on my diabetes regimen:>( Costa Ricans have a sweet tooth and the variety of candies and sweets outweighs all the Hershey bars and Snickers on the shelves.
Bueno Prevecho!

Joe Ridder said...

I do not know where you heard this, but for instance, Costa Rica has never had a salmonella scare like the ones we read about in other countries. The water is drinkable and the food is safe but when traveling anywhere, just avoid street foods or raw meats. The food markets are very clean and sanitation is not a problem in populated areas. When visiting remote areas, be extra careful just as one would be in any other wilderness.
Otherwise, I do not know of any unusual circumstances that would make the food in Costa Rica any less safe than what we are used to at home. You will find that the produce may not be as pretty, but the flavors will amaze you!