Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jet Lag Cure Specific to Costa Rica

I've learned two things in my first two days in Central America. The locals - Ticos - live to a very ripe old age, probably because they know how to achieve a natural wellbeing by connecting with the universe's vital energy. My encounter with a massage practitioner named Luis Alberto Sanchez helped me discover my natural state - and cured my jet lag on the morning after my arrival.
Luis is available for sessions by appointment when you stay at Colours Oasis Resort in San Jose. I recommend you set up a time on the day of your arrival in Costa Rica to get rid of your jet lag, hangover, whatever. Then you can explore and enjoy the city from the get-go.
Luis has los manos of an angel and can do reflexology, digit pressure, deep tissue, aroma and therapeutic massage. I took the lot!
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