Friday, May 23, 2008

Vexillographer Gilber Baker: The Unsung Hero of the Rainbow Flag

In the worldwide community of gay men and women, who is one of our unsung heroes? Mine is Gilbert Baker, who 30 years ago taught himself how to sew and created a signature logo flag for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade (now known as Pride).

Today, his creation is instantly recognizable around the globe, in endless variations. The Rainbow Flag, - whether with the original 8 colours or the 6 standards - is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers as the most visible and recognized symbol of gay pride.

About 5 years ago, adopted the original 8 striped flag as part of its logo, in sync with the silver anniversary of the original flag which Gilbert re-introduced. (By adding pink and violet stripes).

As I'm writing this blog after seeing an article on GayWired, I looking at a bumper sticker. "I'm not gay. I just really love rainbows. " Touche!

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