Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk

Today's weather forecast was for showers but we still headed down to the new Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk.

It is a short 1 1/2 hour drive from Sydney but a traffic accident on the Sydney to Wollongong freeway added an extra 30 minutes to the trip.

The walkway itself is located between Robertson in the Southern Highlands and Jamberoo in The Illawarra. It has spectacular views over the Illawarra and the walk among the tree tops is a wonderful to get up close and personal with nature without disturbing it.

And of course you can relax at the end at the cafe for coffee and a bite to eat.

Some interesting facts about the walkway:

  • The Treetop Walk is 500 metres long with an average height of 25 metres
  • Knights Tower is 45 metres high
  • The Treetop walk has a 280km/hr wind speed design
  • The cantilevers can hold a maximum weight of 28 tonne or 800 wombats!!
  • The Treetop Walk holds an average of 400kg/m2
If you have time make a short diversion on the way to check out the Carrington Falls. One good thing with the rain there was sufficient water to make a respectable waterfall.

If you want an extended stay in the region check out the accommodation in the region

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