Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture This - Ballooning in Melbourne

Picture This……

First light of a new morning is only minutes away; the air is still, the atmosphere exciting. You’re in beautiful Melbourne and you are about to enjoy one of the truly amazing experiences the city has to offer.


Floating over a city of 3.5 million people, silently moving with the wind while watching the city awaken, as the sun rises you are the first to feel its rays, and then watch them slowly stretch over the land below.


The world’s oldest form of aviation; flying in a Hot Air Balloon. This legendary part of history, almost unchanged in over 200 hundred years, will have you heading skywards under a giant balloon, the same experience as the first men who ever flew.

These days Ballooning is all about fun, adventure and spoiling yourself and with Picture This Ballooning you certainly will achieve all of this.

And to top it all off after the flight we head back to level 35 of the luxurious Sofitel Hotel to enjoy a glass of champagne, a sumptuous breakfast and relive a great morning whilst still enjoying one of the best views in Melbourne.

Our flights are perfect for visitors to Melbourne, special occasions or anyone who simply wishes to enjoy this great Melbourne adventure. We also have gift certificates available as well as premium accommodation packages and exclusive online offers.

So like thousands of others, come and enjoy this sky-high adventure that has captivated Melbourne for the last 20 years and become an integral part of the city’s morning skyline.

This is all available from our latest Rainbow Tourism Accredited Tourism operator - Picture This Ballooning - at an all inclusive cost of $330 per adult.

So when you visit Melbourne next contact the Rainbow Concierge for more details or bookings

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