Saturday, February 16, 2008

Te Papa Museum 10 Years Old

Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend.

Located on Wellington's waterfront it is well worth a visit when you are next in Wellington.

The Museum when first opened had a number of critics not least because of its founding concept.

The founding concept incorporated the concepts of unified collections, the narratives of culture and place, the idea of forum, the bicultural partnership between Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti, and the multidisciplinary approach to delivering a national museum for diverse audiences.

It also agreed that matters of concern to Te Papa are expressed within the conceptual framework of:

  • Papatu-a-nuku - the earth on which we all live
  • Tangata Whenua - those who belong to the land by right of first discovery
  • Tangata Tiriti - those who belong to the land by right of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Te Papa has no entry charge and can be explored for an hour or all day is a great way to discover more about the history of New Zealand.

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