Friday, December 28, 2007

Women Travel the World

Women are doing it for themselves - Women are travelling together - joining a women's tour, staying in women's accommodation. They are travelling alone, with other women friends, with lesbian partners. Women are hosting accommodation and creating tours. Its a whole new world of freedom and exploration.

This is the introduction to Rosemary's blog for Women travellers and could be equally applied to the diverse gay and lesbian market.

Rosemary runs Waihoihoi Lodge in Waipu and has set up Women Travel New Zealand.

It is worth a read and you might want to add it to your Web feed. If you don't yet use a Web feed reader then one of the easiest to use is Google reader.

Visit the blog:

2008 Update: Rosemary is now travelling so her wonderful lodge is closed - check out her stories on her Women Travel Blog

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