Monday, December 17, 2007

Air New Zealand Concierges

Air New Zealand is currently looking for concierges for it's long haul flights (and to fly to New Zealand from anywhere other than the 3 hour trip trans Tasman) is long haul.

Air New Zealand hopes the 90 concierge jobs will "revolutionise" long-haul passengers' travel.

The airline's international manager, Ed Sims, said concierge duties could include escorting passengers to and from the aircraft, recommending "must-do" New Zealand activities to tourists, helping with onward bookings, supporting those affected by weather disruption or explaining the finer points of in-flight wine lists.

"I love the idea that these are inflight travel gurus," he said. "That's what I'm after for this role - a one-person Wikipedia."

Mr Sims said the only other airline he knew of that had an inflight service additional to traditional cabin crew was Virgin Atlantic, which carried masseurs.

The new service will start in April, and the first international services to have concierges on board are expected to include those between Auckland and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Of course has it's own concierge service already to help you plan your trip so that you have a special experience on your next holiday.

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