Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What do you like about air travel today?

Often the worse part of travel today is the airline flight and the airports. Issues like

  • Long queues at check in
  • Security hassles - like no water past security - then paying inflated prices on the air side for a bottle of water
  • Cramped seats
  • Delayed flights
However what things are better. Rachel Berg blogged today about 5 *Good* Things About Air Travel Today.

Her five good things were:
  • Non smoking flights
  • No mobile phones
  • In flight TV
  • Online Check in
  • Carbon Offsets
To this list I would add:
  • Cheap airfares. Given the increases in taxes airline fares have continued to drop
  • Coffee which has definitely improved over the years.
  • More direct flights
  • Premium economy - for those of us who want a bet of extra leg room but don't want the full service of Business Class or the price.
What do you think has improved on airlines?

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Anonymous said...

It's faster than walking!