Monday, October 29, 2007

Waitomo - Take the Black Route

If you visiting Waitomo don't just wander through the caves, raft through them.

20 years ago Black water rafting was invented and it is an amazing experience. The silence of the water and looking up at the glow worms - it is a three trip that will be the highlight of your trip.

Only a 3 hour drive from Auckland you can make a day trip or better still spend the night at Kamahi Cottage or continue on to Rotorua after an adventure you won't forget.

So check out the two trip options:

Black Water Rafting, The Labyrinth at Waitomo Caves

Black Water Rafting, The Black Abyss at Waitomo Caves
New Zealand Herald Article on the 20th Anniversary of Black Water Rafting been launched at Waitomo Caves

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