Sunday, October 07, 2007

30 Years and still Strong

On 19th-21st of October 2007 (Labour Weekend) the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MaLGRA - Club Q) will be celebrating an amazing 30 years.

MaLGRA is the longest running Gay Rights Association in New Zealand. This event will be held at Club Q, and will be a week long celebration with the different support groups being involved. On the Friday and Saturday nights there will be huge celebrations within Club Q to pay tribute to MaLGRA's 30th Birthday, also the screening of a documentary depicting how MaLGRA and formally MaGRA has lasted throughout the years.

So if you happen to be in Palmerston North on that weekend then drop in on the celebrations.

For more information regarding these celebrations and about MaLGRA in general the MaLGRA website holds all event and background information.

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