Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Travel Packages Come of Age

Like to book your vacation online to find the cheapest deal or most appropriate tour?

If you're like me, booking an off-the-shelf package with air, hotel, car and tour put together by an airline holiday department does not appeal. I prefer to search and piece together my own holiday itinerary. Independent travel sometimes has cost more than packages, but all the components have been hand-picked for my interests.

Finally, technology is making this process a lot easier. Dynamic packaging has arrived. DP allows travellers to visit just one site to combine all elements, instead of booking a flight, hotel room or car from different websites. The package is then presented with a single price tag. You don't know what you're paying for each component, but the advantage is that airlines and hotels offer seats or rooms at discounted rates that, if promoted openly, could devalue their brand or spark a price war with competitors.

While our site, RainbowTourism.com, does not offer airline reservations or dynamic pricing, it does offer one-stop shopping for the rest of your "Gay Getaway" mix and match package...from travel insurance to budget or luxury hotel rooms, from prestige cars to campervans, regional tours to event tickets for major events like Mardi Gras.

You have our Rainbow Guarantee, that every booking for accommodation, tour, car hire or travel insurance plan has been researched by by us and found to be genuinely gay owned and operated or certified to be gay friendly by our Rainbow Tourism Accreditation program. Happy holiday creating on one of the most dynamic online booking systems around.

Got a question or comment? Ask our Rainbow Concierges for NZ and AUS where the deals are downunder and on RainbowTourism.com.

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