Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Travel Blogs

There are a number of travel blogs on the internet. However the number of travel blogs with gay and lesbian content seem to be few and far between.

That number shrinks when you start searching for gay and lesbian travel blogs about travel downunder and the Rainbow Tourism blog is one of the few updated on a regular basis.

The following is a few blogs which offer some travel ideas:

Sydney Morning Herald Travel Blog - and interesting blog with lots of ideas - just take the recent blog called Why is Australian tourism obsessed with 'big' things? Discussing the Goulburn sheep, The Big Banana in CoffsHarbour. Of course one can also find similar things in New Zealand. The L&P Bottle in Paeroa or the large carrot in Ohakune.

The blog also has this great feature on New Zealand called Driving and Mooching - is this the way to explore New Zealand?

The New Zealand Herald doesn't have a travel blog section but does have a good Travel section. A recent article on quarantine control highlights some issues that tourists should be aware of if travelling to New Zealand or Australia. Both New Zealand and Australia operate strict quarantine regimes.

The Window Seat is a great blog and provides some interesting insights into travel destinations and issues that travellers face. Thankfully Australian and New Zealand airlines don't generally have staff like the recent blog on What Not to Wear.

Pink Pavillions and New Gay Travel Guide are two North American gay blogs. They don't seem to have much information about downunder however and are very Northern Hemisphere focussed.

Drop us a comment about blogs which you find have some good travel information. I would be really interested in Gay travel blogs.

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