Thursday, September 13, 2007

Encouraging you to Travel Pink on Work Visa

Australia-US Work and Holiday visa good for tourism Monday, September 10, 2007

The new proposed reciprocal agreement for Work and Holiday visas with the US will deliver a boom for the tourism industry according to the Minister for Small Business and Tourism Fran Bailey.

Bailey believes that the new agreement will have a “two-fold” effect, helping to boost tourism numbers and also fill vacant positions for tourism operators and small businesses (like
In 2006-07, over 455,000 Americans visited Australia, making the US our fourth largest inbound tourism market. The new agreement will encourage more young Americans to stay longer and spend more.

There will be an unlimited number of visa available to eligible Americans when this agreement is implemented on 31 October 2007. Write me if you want more dee-tails.

So, chew on this if you're into traveling pink. Come on down and work for Rainbow Tourism as a student intern or Willing Worker on Tourism Site in exchange for US affiliate status when you return. Travel all over Australia (and later around New Zealand on another type of visa) as our traveling inspector and reporter of local G&L attractions, accommodations and events. If you want to break into the travel industry and become a specialist in pink travel, then here's your opportunity.

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