Friday, August 03, 2007

Sleaze Party - 29 September 2007

While the world falls apart around us, there is only one possible rational response - run away to the Zirkus. From the traditional to the twisted - you will find ringmasters, clowns, lions with their tamers, contortionists, strongmen, beards, naked ladies. You know the score - the woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks! Mix them all in with the heady atmosphere of Weimar Berlin and you have a uniquely Sleaze experience. Decadence without limitation and uncompromising sensuality oozing from every beautiful pore.

As well as a top-notch line-up of entertainers to be announced soon, you will be kept dancing till dawn by some of Australia's very best DJs: Rob Davis, Feisty, Jayson Forbes, Kitty Glitter, Tim Graham, Murray Hood, GI Jode, Kate Monroe, Dan Murphy, Neroli, Pete Newton, Justin Scott, Steve Sonius and Alex Taylor.

It's no good sitting alone in your room. Come here the music play!

Buy your tickets online and visit for your accommodation.

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