Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is your horoscope usually accurate?

He aha te roanga o to noho ki konei?
How long are you here for?

I've come to realise on this 45-day tour of NZ's top island that there's enough to exhaust even the most energetic of itinerants. And I haven't even scratched the surface. Maybe next trip, after the snow melts, I'll get around to the South Island!

Whether you have a week, a week-end or weeks on end, you should definitely hire a campa-crib from JUCY and head off to the peace and quiet of rural Kiwiland where you'll find your fill of gay cafes, lesbian restaurants, even innovative newspapers with "News to Amuse" and great horoscopes!

My horoscope today read: "Travel plans could be a jumble, with many options to choose from."Spread across my cafe table next to a bowl of latte are tourist brochures and maps covering the North Island, from Auckland to Napier via the Queer Artists Retreat in Waihi on the Bay of Plenty, the lesbian-run Ridge Country Retreat for the well-heeled in Tauranga, and In the Zone Backpackers in for the budget-conscious adrenalin addicts in Rotorua, and finally in Hawkes Bay wine region. There are a few choices in Napier - the Art Deco capital of the Southern Hemisphere - including a GOO art gallery and RTA travel cafe where I can pick up more brochures of things to see and do.

One thing I've noticed is that there are a lot of rainbows in NZ - even in the rainy season. But there are many places with rainbow in their name, from Rainbow Hotel to Rainbow's End theme park, from Rainbow Mountain (with colours from mineral deposits) to Rainbow Tourism accommodations and tours. The number of gay owned and operated businesses and rainbow-friendly hotels and tour operators in this tiny country is amazing, and they are requesting to be listed on practically every week. Take a look, and book your NZ action vacation with just a few clicks.

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