Sunday, August 05, 2007

24th Auckland Lesbian Ball - 11 August 2007

Celebrating Style Through The Ages

11 August 2007 - note it in your diary now!

The theme for this year’s Auckland Lesbian Ball is “Style Through The Ages” and will be a unique opportunity to join in a celebration of the styles that have defined past eras and to let your imagination and creativity run loose.

Perhaps you see yourself in the elegant formality of the Victorian era, as a medieval maiden or a lusty 17th century wench. Maybe the bohemian chic of the 60’s or the cloche hats and flapper dresses of the 20’s inspires you.

The choices are seemingly endless with so many different eras and styles to choose from: pre-historic, Edwardian, Roman, country & western, the roaring 40’s, the forgotten 70’s, the retro 80’s to name but a few & not forgetting todays modern era as well.

Have a dig through your wardrobe – you may be pleasantly surprised by how many styles you find!! & don’t forget the shoes – no doubt you will have a pair from a past era.

This year is LESO’s 24th Auckland Lesbian Ball and it promises to be a great evening to be among friends and to enjoy a night of celebration.

More details on the ball click here and check out for accommodation


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. I happen to be in Auckland on the 11th, so thanks to you I'll be in the company of some stylish women!