Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Awesome Auckland Alive with Gay Life

Instead of a wicked weekend flash visit, I decided to spend some quality time on my second visit here. Auckland is gayest of cities in NZ (if you don't count Queenstown in Sept. during Gay Ski Week), and the first port of call to check out Kiwi Culture from N to Z.

First order of business was long-stay accommodation; plenty of gay B&B and homestays available with online booking on

Rainbow Recommendation: Moana Vista B&B, a short walk off Ponsonby, hosted by Matt & Tim with mixed clientele.

They also own a popular cafe, called Barretta Expresso, just off the golden mile K'Road, where all the gay and lesbians bars and bistros hum on the weekends. For the women, there's Bitch and Flirt; for everyone, there's the Family bar, and coming soon is Dorothy's Sister.

Second, fine wine and food eateries in the queer neighborhood of Ponsonby. Chapel Street Bar & Bistro jumped out of me because of the Vespa Club outings it sponsors on 3rd Sunday; how I miss my rainbow scooter. There's no shortage of wIne lounges with tapas; super gay friendly Kim Crawford wines are a favorite ever since they were the official wine of Mardi Gras/Sydney in 2005.

Not since Vancouver, have I found a more sexy city, one that appeals to shoppers as well as Arts in the CIty buffs, and sailors, of course. The City of Sails almost has more yachts than fish in the Tasman Sea!

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