Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wildlife, Luxury & Solitude South of Sydney

There are many kinds of paradise to explore, and the South Coast is one of those to do when you want to get out of Sydney.
The Weekend Travel Section includes a review column called "Room at the Inn" by Michael Gebicki, where last week I read with delight about his stay at The Long Weekend Retreat at Lake Conjola on the South Coast. This is a GOO (gay owned and operated) property that welcomes all, and certainly sounds like my kind of paradise.

I like the idea of pre-ordering food so there is a fridge full of my kind of treats - like lasagna ready to bake and wash down with the complimentary bottle of red! I also love the idea of the al fresco Balenes-style soak tub, perfect after stepping out on either the beach or the forest trails of the National Park.

BTW, this luxury retreat is just one of many listed on RainbowTourism.com all across australia and New Zealand. Seems GOOs know how to go, stay and play in style!

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