Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sydney Gay Armada - Australia Day

Our friends at are setting sail on Australia Day - January 26th

Come celebrate Australia Day as you have never celebrated before. Relax, enjoy and play in style with the gays.

Our luxury yachts are loaded with a premium bounty of fine wine and champagne. Feast on succulent canapes and gourmet cusine.

Join the thousands that revel in Sydney Harbours beauty by succumbing to pure indulgence with our sexy serving boys pampering you all day long.

See for all the details

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Ezy 3 Charga Campa

The new Ezy 3 Charga Campa may look like an ordinary campa van but when you step inside it looks a bit different.

The new campa van was created by a boat designer and is completly mouled in fibreglass.

Check out the video and new story at TV New Zealand

Remember you can book your Ezy Campa van directly from Ezy Car and Campa rentals

And if you have hired an Ezy campa or car let us know what you think.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aus & NZ are top destinations – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s new Bluelist 2007 names New Zealand as the number two favourite destination of travellers worldwide, behind Australia, and ahead of Britain, Thailand, Greece, Italy and the United States!

On, Look & Book at the gay stays and gay tours in New Zealand, broken down by North Island and South Island, and in each of the Aussie states and territories.

Air NZ uses science to attract Americans

Air New Zealand has teamed up with former NASA scientists to reach stressed-out Americans, positioning a New Zealand holiday as better value than a session with their therapist.
A ground-breaking study measured the psychological and physiological effects of taking a holiday in New Zealand, and shows that American workers are more productive if they take their holidays, and a holiday in New Zealand can deliver long-lasting benefits to their health and vitality.
Well, we’ve known that for a while! lists more than 100 operators all across the North and South Islands, so just pick your spot and let the Maori Magic begin to work on you stressed out folks. Gay Gay - Stay Gay - Play Gay in NZ in 07!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Awards of Excellence: Peoples Choice in Tasmania

Congrats to two Rainbnow Tourism operators on the East Coast of Tasmania who recently won The People's Choice Award for Excellence in Service. Both properties - Rainbow Retreat that sits atop St. Mary's Pass and Meredith House that occupies a prime spot in Swansea - won several awards this year. Must be the boy-host thing. Congratulations to Ian and Peter on their eco wilderness experience, where rainbows are plentiful, and to Neal and Noel for their charming accommodation and wonderful hospitality. Both plces are also known for their food and wine lists, so take your pick and decide your own people's choice. See you in Tassie!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Traversing Tasmania to Tarraleah (Middle of Nowhere)

Some tourism operators are clever. They buy an entire village and turn it into a mutli-purpose, multi-sport destinations with accommodation and tours from budget to decidedly up-market.
The place: an old Hydro Village on the west coast of Tasmania in a town called Tarraleah. It's a warm spot in the wilderness with a global reputation already for best fly fishing on earth. Brown and Rainbow Trout abound. You can catch, cook and consume yourself or go on a guided tour via helicopter or 4WD into the surrounding lake district.
Apparently fly fishing is on the rise for gay men, having already shown itself to be the fastest growing sport for women. So, grab your gear and head for Tassie's outback of beyond.
Tarraleah retains its 50's charm, right down to the art deco decor in cottages and the rainbow coloured exteriors. I had to laugh that the locals call this place Rainbow City. Yeah, add a few gay cowboys and girls with fishing poles, and it will live up to its nickname soon enough.

It's good to get fishing heaven. If you don't fish, there's golfing, mountain biking, waterfall walks, even a squash court if the weather doesn't lure you outdoors. Book your escape now; you'll find something for every budget at Tarraleah, from caravan park, group backbackper cottage, family cottages to brand new chalet lodge with spa/sauna facility with a million dollar view.
PS Wildlife is very plentiful here. At night, grab a torch and count the visiting wallabies, wombats and even Tassie Devils.