Monday, August 21, 2006

Saturday Night Live in Marvelous Melbourne

The Star Hotel in Collingwood has transformed itself into the Opium Den. Now a revamped venue for live acts, you don't want to miss Saturday Night Live Cabaret with Kaye Sera. (AKA Marilyn). The best laughs and entertainment for just $5 entry!

If you are simply having too much fun and don't want to go home afterwards, check to see if the upstairs accommodation is available.

If you love line dancing and two steppinig, come to the Den for the Boot Scooters Sunday Social. The mixed group is very friendly, the dance instructor cute, and the DJ divine. They're looking for new recruits, so I made my way down there the last two Sundays for the most fun I've had since Frontier Days in Cheyenne and the Calgary Rodeo.
It was great to talk with some of the Melbourne Cloggers, who claimed a gold medal at the recent Gay Games in Chicago.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Moonlight Madness - Luxury & Eco Travel Go Hand in Hand

Yes, it's truly possible. Who knew it would happed in Victoria, just two hours from Melbourne along the famed Great Ocean Road.

This is fast becoming a G&L escape route for locals and soon visitors from overseas can discover it when they book via!
Moonlight Head is located near the spectacular 12 Apostles rock formation; post card scenery territory. The upscale super-lodge (the entire development will have 5 lodges and a 75-room hotel in late 2007) has just opened after 6 years of planning and development- and immediately put out the pink welcome mat. Moonlight Head Lodges joined GALTA and will be participating through Rainbow Tourism in the G&L World Travel Expo in San Francisco. Some of those Bay Area residents need to try our unique Aussie experiences - and this is one of the best experiences available in this country.

Visiting Moonlight Head Lodge is all about modern aesthetics and environmental responsibility. The architecture responds to the landscape, that works with the climate, which uses natural materials selected with a consciousness of how much energy they cost to produce...need I say more than Moonlight Head is a relaxed space in a sanctuary setting. Luxury married with sustainable tourism. Moonlight Head's team will deliver a service beyond anything you've ever experienced before. Everything about this place is superlative for leisure & pleasure. Come down and I'll show you my newest discovery! -DeeTours Dee