Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Need a car? Try our Rainbow Connections

Ezy Rentals (Cars & Campas) has got New Zealand covered, and Red Spot Car Rentals is the hire company of choice when driving around Australia. Why are these companies the fastest growing rental companies in NZ and AUS? Attitude!

When I left my mobile in the glove box of my cute little Ezy car in Wellington, they quickly couriered it to me back in Sydney.

When I had a problem with my credit card bond at the Hertz counter in Cairns, I was turned away, no matter that I'm a Gold Club member and have a corporate card for Rainbow Tourism. I went next door to the Red Spot counter, and Hollie quickly got approval for me, sympathetic to someone in the travel industry.

Old fashioned service and can-do attitude by Red Spot and Ezy Car earned these companies my respect and loyalty. So now you, too, can book with the best, by clicking on the icons on our home page, Safe driving!

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