Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Phillip Island: more than just kolas, seals and fairy penguins

"Little Penguins is the PC term of the day, but no matter, we didn't go to see the cute penguins. We went to see and do other things, like food & wine indulgences, the koala conservation project, and shopping! The Melbournites with weekend shacks on PI are passionate about the place.

"It is not only the penguins but also many walks amongst the mangroves and other wildlife, visiting the wineries – especially a new one called Purple Hen - good food at Chicory and relaxing at the many B&B’s such as Misti Blue. 

Shopping on PI is also very good. I Have a couple of girlfriends who do all their shopping at Cowes – yes! They go to Deborucci's for their Melbourne Cup outfits. Deborucci’s is well known and draws people in from far and wide and Deborucci is a great character.

There is a little community down there but it is well hidden. Most people go down to the island to ‘escape’.

The top woman's space for escaping is called Misti Blue B&B. The upstairs unit has a great view of the misty blue bay, of course. There are two self-contained cottages to the rear, hidden in tropical landscaping. Drop me a line if you want directions and details.

2008 update: Sadly now closed but check out other places in the area.

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