Friday, March 03, 2006

Destination:Tasmania. Put a tiger in your tank.

Tasmania, the island of rejuvenation, ranks fifth in the world among eco destinations. Don't fail to experience it - our way.
There are two "green"eco retreats that are GOO, one outside of Hobart in the Garden of Eden (my term for Huon Valley) and the other on the east coast, near the village of St. Mary's.

Both Rainbow Retreat in northern Tasmania and Huon Bush Retreats in the southern half of this tiny island are classified as wilderness eco retreats. Peter & Ian are the host and chef over the Rainbow and Michaeel & Paul are the creators and energy behind the hospitality and catering at their cabins, tipis and tent sites near Huonville.

Unique to both is the fact they are located in private nature reserves, where guests enjoy the wildlife that roams freely on the property and spectacular scenery like no where else on earth.

Rainbow Retreat is an Adult Retreat, whereas Huon Bush Retreats is children and family friendly.
Rainbow Ridge has ocean views, and HBR has a mild to wild wilderness track where you can hug ancient trees. Rainbow Tourism recommends a stay at both of them; they are just a couple of hours by car apart.

They've tamed the devils, watered the ferns and are waiting for you in paradise. You may not spot a Tasmanian tiger, but you'll feel their presence out there in the woods...

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