Friday, March 03, 2006

Destinations DownUnder - Our Way

Rainbow Tourism has a new look and feel to its site, and is slowly beginning to add content to the destination, events and tours pages. Another dozen tourism operators have joined the Rainbow Tourism Network since the start of the calendar year - including tour operators from OZ & NZ, and accommodation operators from Auckland to the Whitsundays.

Before I tell you about them and their special offers for G&L visitors, let me just interject a comment as an ex-pat American who came here on holiday and never left!

Aussies and Kiwis always seem to have time to engage with overseas visitors. This is not how the rest of the world behaves, and it is a quality which Australians & New Zealanders should never loose. If you want to have a terrific vacation in the land down under, look no further than these two island countries in the South Pacific. Come on down and enjoy the hospitality'll want to come back - or stay like me!

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