Saturday, October 22, 2005

Destination 1st World Out Games Montreal

With only 9 months to go before the 1st World Out Games open in Montreal in July 2006, do you know what sport or cultural activity will you participate in?

The Out Games will bring people together from all over the world for a fantastic celebration of diversity, camaraderie, achievement and acceptance. It will combine the best of sports and culture, comprising 33 sporting events and 4 cultural events over 7 days. The event will also be the venue for a conference on LGBT Rights - not to mention a chance to explore a great part of the world.

Why go to Montreal?

- Canada allows gay marriages
- A world gay capital
- A large number of people won't need a visa to visit. Click here for more details

Oz Rainbow in Sydney can assist with travel packages.

Rainbow Tourism will have more information shortly on our tour page.

While Canada has no restrictions on entry of HIV+ travellers, the USA does. This means if you are planning to travel to Montreal you may want to consider flying via Japan or Europe to avoid the issue of entry to the US. For more information, ACON has a booklet which you can download.

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