Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Destination Queensland

Just learned that Womyn's Week is back by popular demand at Turtle Cove Resort, which is a tropical paradise located between Cairns and Port Douglas. I've only ever been there once - during the infamous Mardi Gras Recovery Week - when it was mostly populated by men. Love to have a return visit when it's the exclusive domain of babes! Swinging in the hammock with my girlfriend, enjoying live music on International Lesbian Day, and hijinks at one of the top 10 gay resorts in the world - how could you beat that?
Maybe now's the time to put the new swimsuit to use durring Womyn's Week, 7-12 October. Should be one tryst to remember! See you there, Deetouring Dee.

PS You can book your stay now by visiting the Turtle Cove page.

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